Badging strategies

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We'll look at each of the badge types you can choose from and how they might be best used on your website.

Strategy name

Why does it work

Social proof

Showing people what shoppers like them are buying and highlighting product qualities help customers to find products and make it easier for them to say yes

Stock pointer

These badges harness your customer's Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Shoppers are more likely to buy while supplies last since there's a chance they might sell out soon

Best seller

Another form of social proof that serve as customer endorsements to reinforce purchasing decisions, showing customers what items are hot right now, and making it easier for shoppers to say yes

Back in stock

Lets customers know an item was so popular that it sold out, but is now available again

New in

Appeals to shoppers that want to keep ahead of the curve and in line with the latest brand additions and trends


Another form of social proof that spotlights trending products that other customers are currently purchasing or products that are selling well on other sites

Last updated: December 2020
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