Step 1 - Where to add your product badging

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You'll learn more about placements, how to choose one, and some rules around their use.

A quick low down

If you've had a look at our intro sections, you should be familiar with what a placement is.

In simple terms, a placement is a location on your website, for example, a homepage hero banner, that is made available to receive Personalized content, Product recommendations, or Product badging campaigns.

When you launch a campaign, we take over that location and inject your campaign into it. Some or all of your customers will see it, this is determined by the audiences you select and the visibility settings.

Those that don't see it will instead get your default website content. This is the basis for A/B testing, which we'll cover later on.

TIP: Each of your campaigns must be added to one of the placements available to you. Remember the golden rule, though! You can only have one live campaign in a placement at any one time.

Getting started

First up, let's create a new Product badging campaign. You do this on the homepage.

Click Home from the sidebar

Click Create now in the Product badges card:


Choosing a placement

From the available placements, hover over the one you are interested in using and then click it

When you hover over a placement, we'll show you a preview of what it will look like on your site. The preview will give you a good idea of what part of the page you are personalizing.

We'll also show you what you will need to add in terms of content. Some of this will likely be required (mandatory).

In the following example, we see that our "PDP badge placement" only requires an image. The message, audience, and rules are optional:


INFO: If the preview isn't working, it's likely that your dev team didn't upload images of your site during the onboarding process, so it's worth checking in with them. If everything checks out on your side, please reach out to your CSM at Qubit.

Moving on

Great news! You've now decided where you are going to add your product badging. You can now move on to the next step, choosing what products to badge and for who.

Last updated: January 2023
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