Step 4 - Run a campaign to a schedule

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You'll learn how to use a schedule to start and pause a campaign automatically.

Let's recap

We're coming to the end of the campaign build flow. In the previous step, we selected an audience split to determine the percentage of people in our audience that will see our campaign.

Scheduling your campaign

Scheduling is a good option if you would like to time a campaign to automatically start and end in line with weekend messages, late-night cut-offs, Black Friday messaging, or other promotions you might be running.

Before adding a schedule, it's a good idea to review the following points:

  • The time zone used for scheduling is the time zone configured for your property. You can see this in the Scheduling calendar
  • The start date/time is optional, but it must be in the future and before the end date if set. Without a start date/time, you will have to launch it manually
  • The end date/time is optional, but it must be after the start date/time if set. Without an end date/time, your campaign will run until you pause it manually
  • Schedules for campaigns in the same placement can't overlap. Of course, we'll let you know if this happens
  • Once live, as with all of the options you've chosen for your campaign, you can make changes to your schedule and even end it before its scheduled end date/time

In the following example, we see that the user has added a second campaign, "My second campaign," with a schedule that overlaps with "My first campaign":


Adding a schedule

Entering a start date/time

Remember that you'll have to start your campaign manually if you don't enter a start date/time.

Make a selection from the date picker

Enter a start time and make sure you select either am or pm

In our example, we've gone for a start date of 27 July 2020 at 9 AM:

start time

Entering an end date/time

Remember that you'll have to pause your campaign manually if you don't enter an end date/time.

Follow the same steps to enter an end date/time

Editing and removing a schedule

We'll allow you to review your schedule in the final build step. You can make any changes necessary by selecting Edit:

edit schedule

You can also edit any live campaign and make changes to the schedule, pause it manually to end it ahead of its scheduled end date or remove the end date to allow it to run continuously.

Last updated: November 2020
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