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We'll introduce you to the Merchandising Hub and highlight some of the ways it will help you go about getting things done in your merchandising or marketing team.

First things first

Hello. How's it going? Good, we hope. It's always nice to get things started with a friendly greeting. Don't you think? Great!

On this very first page, we'll run through some of the really cool things about the Merchandising Hub.

Sound familiar?

Ever get the impression that you spend too much time poring over your data, analyzing metrics, trying to gain some insight? It can be overwhelming, right? You probably feel that the time you spend on this is time you'd rather spend on taking action. Sound familiar?

I bet you wish you had a tool that put data at your fingertips, that provided you with the data in a super-digestible format that you can show others quickly, and, more than anything, gave you insights as to what was working and what wasn't? You'd say impossible; such a tool doesn't exist.

You'd be wrong. What's more, the Merchandising Hub doesn't just show you what's working and what isn't; it also helps you decide what to do about it. For example, we might say, "this is doing well; you should consider showing it to even more of your customers."

Very quickly, you'll see that the Merchandising Hub is your go-to tool within your team as you look to take learnings and results into your trade and merchandising meetings. What's more, it will help you show your teammates what's happening on your website, quickly turn sales results into actions, and resolve issues in double-quick time.

Need more convincing? Fine, let's get started. We'll show you how easy it is to add personalized content, product recommendations, and product badging to your website and how you won't ever need to bother your engineering team again to build and test an experience for your site.

Most importantly, we'll show you how the Merchandising Hub gives you access to more insightful, actionable information that allows you to spend less time analyzing data and more time resolving issues and actions. After all, these activities will ultimately have the most significant impact on business and personal performance.

Where next?

Well, if you'd like to build up some knowledge of our campaign types, how they are used, where they can be added, and more besides, head over to our short guides:

If you'd rather just get started, you can jump straight in:

Last updated: April 2022
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