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We'll show you how to send view and clickthrough events generated by your campaigns to Google Analytics for further analysis.

What is the Google Analytics integration?

Our integration allows you to send view and clickthrough events from Qubit directly to Google Analytics (GA) for each of the experiences in your campaign. To do this, we are using Google's server-side API.

INFO: This is a property-wide setting that can't be configured at the individual campaign level. If you turn the integration on, we will send the enabled View and Clickthrough events for all the experiences in your campaigns.

How does it work?

When a person sees one a placement on your site, they will generate a View event-this view also counts as a visit. If that person then clicks inside the placement (this might be a link to a PDP or promotional PLP), they will generate a Clickthrough event.

These events are the basis for the reporting you see for your campaign, which also includes metrics such as Visitors, Viewer conversion rate, and Clickthrough revenue.

When you enable the GA integration, you can choose to send view and clickthrough events to GA.

Turning it on

Open the side bar and select Property settings:


From here, open the Integrations tab, and select Turn on in the Google Analytics card:


Enter your GA tracking Id. You'll find a link to a page that will show you how to find the Id if you don't know it

Select Save

By default, we'll turn on the integration for both View and Clickthrough events. You can override this by simply selecting the on/off toggle for either event. In the following example, the user has chosen not to send Clickthrough events:


INFO: The view and clickthrough events we send to GA are triggered in the same way as the view and clickthrough events in campaigns, so no additional setup is needed.

Finding view and clickthrough events in GA

To help you find the relevant events in GA, open your live campaign, and select the Integrations tab:


To use these events in GA, for example, when creating segments, you will need to look for the event label or event action.

In this example, to create a segment to report clickthrough events for people in your control using the event label, you should look for Qubit experience clickthrough: Summer banner, Control.

You could then create a segment for people in your audience by looking for Qubit experience clickthrough: Summer banner, UK visitors:


Last updated: March 2021
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